Reasons for the student dependent visa refusals

These days many student dependent visa applications are getting refused. One needs to be cautious when you provide any information to the immigration. Many students and their dependents do not know some of the policies of different countries and they are applying applications without proper knowledge. Some of the requirements one need to check before applying for a student dependent visas to avoid disappointment

  1. Check if your marriage with the student is more than 12 months old
    before applying for a student dependent visa
  2. Need to see if you have sufficient evidences to prove your married
    relationship with the student
  3. The funds which you show for your living should be old and from proper source.
  4. If you have a previous visa history it should be properly explained to the immigration and how it is going to support your current application.
  5. You employment documents should be properly projected
  6. Check if you are satisfying the Genuine temporary entrant criteria of the country you are applying
  7. Check if the student course is an eligible course for your student
    dependent visa application and select proper visa class based on the
    student course.
  8. Do not provide any fraudulent information in your application
  9. Be prepared for the visa interview

As per the statistics for NZ, Canada and Australia, the average student dependent visa refusals are around 55% of the applications received by the immigration. Student visa applications are straight forward and will have a higher rate of approval and it is going to favour the universities due to your admission. But when it comes to student dependent it is not the case so one needs to be having a full understanding of the law and policy of the country from where you are applying and to which country you are applying and then submit proper documents to get a proper outcome.

Don’t be panicked if your visa got refused. Contact a registered migration agent to get advice on your refusal. Some times one can reply to the student dependent visa once again based on the refusal reasons. In some instances, you need to wait for the change in circumstances in your profile to re-apply for the refused visa.

Reasons for the student dependent visa refusals

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