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Future Overseas Education (FOE) has assisted hundreds of prospective students to study in Australia, New Zealand  and Canada for nearly a decade. We have not only helped students to get admission but also helped them in choosing right career pathways which helped them in settling in respective countries after completion of their education.

FOE is driven by three strong people who have always tried to work hard to help students to achieve their career goals. They are Mohini Nooney, Sundara Rami Reddy and Dilip Kumar Nooney (Principal Consultant).

Mohini Nooney

Founder & Managing Partner

She has great knowledge in overseas eduction system and she has helped many students in identifying proper career paths based on their interest. She has great abilities to identify student needs and help them choose right country and courses based on the changing industry requirements. She is trained and specialised as an Educational counselor and is successful in designing the careers of many students who have happily settled in Australia , New Zealand and Canada. She is an Australian permanent resident and has very good understanding of overseas education and new career pathways. She likes to give free career planning and has successfully provided support to close to 225 students in choosing right career paths which helped them achieve their career goals

Sundara Rami Reddy


Sundara Rami reddy is a NRI, Australian citizen who has complete experience of overseas education. He was a student like you long years ago and now he has emerged as a big business man in Australia in providing support and help to many students to achieve their dreams. He know the pain and difficult areas what a student will face when they come to an overseas destination. Based on that he has given advice to many students how to plan their careers and life when they come overseas which helped many students to settle faster.

Dilip Nooney

Founder, Principal Consultants

Mr. Dilip Nooney is the founder of Future in Australia group and is a Registered Migration Agent, licensed by the governments of Australia & New Zealand to offer advice on immigration related matters. He has a Graduate Diploma in Immigration Law from Griffith University, Australia. His expert knowledge in migration and education in developed countries have made him an expert career guide to help people to plan up their education based on the student interest and the available career options in developed markets. He has worked and lived in the developed countries like Australia and NZ and know what the local market demand and requirements. He advises students in that direction which will help students to settle faster in developed countries. Demand and requirements are not same in all the countries and we need to plan once career based on the new career pathways and demand careers in developed countries which will make once decision as a smart decision.

Future Overseas Education – a partnership concern - began its operation in the year 2010 and has been providing quality overseas education and career planning services to students all around the world. Mohini. N. manages the operations in India and Sunder Ramireddy Kotha manages the Australian operations of the company. The company is supported by Mr. Dilip Kumar Nooney, an agent licensed MARA & IAA for Australia & New Zealand.

Australia: (MARA No: 0964796 (https://www.mara.gov.au/search-the-register-of-migration-agents/registered-migration-agent-details/?id=e5bf7a69-a352-e311-9402-005056ab0eca)

New Zealand: IAA No:201200040 (http://www.iaa.govt.nz/adviser-register/Adviser/Details/c8164a4f-6e45-e111-bb40-005056ac0041)

*Thus we have a success rate of nearly 94% in getting visas for Australia & New Zealand.*

Future Overseas Education is part of Future in Australia group. We are focused to provide migration and student visa and admission services for higher education for Australia and New Zealand. We have been sending migrants to both Australia and New Zealand for past several years. We started this educational consultancy with a mission to provide a quality oriented educational services to students to study abroad. We have close to 700 Permanent migrants who have migrated through Future in Australia consultancy till now and many of them are working in top-notch companies. We get regular feedback on the skill demands in Australia and NZ and the same is passed on to our prospective students who can take advantage of this information and choose those courses, which will help them to settle faster. Many students who have gone through our organization was supported by Future in Australia for their future visas and career goals.

When students go to a new country they do not have proper support or people to help them in settling in a odd job or to work as an apprentice. We are providing this additional service to our students who go through our organization, which will help them to gain experience in their chosen field. Which will also provide a support at the right time so that you do not divert your career plans. We network you with our existing student network which will help you to choose where to stay, how to find an odd job, how to be safe when you are studying in a new country and finally keep you posted on new immigration rules which will effect your future prospects.

To provide quality oriented services to our clients with the guidance of a Migration Agent. “To continue to provide ethical and lawful information to all stake holders (students, parents, education service providers and our employees) so that we provide a world class service to ensure complete delight of all stake holders by adhering to the guidelines laid down by Australia and New Zealand immigration laws".

We provide students with a highly quality information and handle them in a very professional manner. Some of the services provided by us:

  • Counselling done by highly trained staff.
  • Provide guidance to students based on their qualification.
  • Provide expertise advice under the guidance of a Registered Migration Agent for 100% successful visa processing.
  • Identification of Universities/Colleges.
  • Assistance in filling of application forms.
  • Assistance in documentation of admission.
  • Regular follow-up with Universities/Colleges.
  • International Educational Loan..
  • Flight booking services.
  • Guidance to apply for Part time jobs after landing.
  • Tie-up with Medical Insurance providers.
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