Indian Tertiary Education

Indian education system is very good, but very few educational institutions are following this system. Some of the institutions like IIT, IIIT, IIM, and some few other educational institutions which are become TOP graded because they are following the actual Indian education system. It is really difficult to get into these institutions due to the high demand for these institutions. As Indian population is large there are many aspirants who want to get into such Institutions. But what is the option for all those students who are equally intelligent but are not able to get this quality education because of the limited number of seats available in the quality institutions in India.  Why should these students endure the low quality education provided by other than these institutions which do not follow the right practices?

  1. Nearly 1.2 crore students enroll in Higher Secondary Education – (MHRD Report).
  2. In India 50 lakh students graduate every year.
  3. 50 percent of them lack basic employability skills.
  4. Only 34 percent of them will find jobs (average for other countries is 56 percent).
  5. According to a report by HRD Ministry India has around 6200 engineering and technology institutes. Around 15 lakh engineering students are added to the job market every year.
  6. Only 7 percent engineering students are found suitable for core engineering jobs (As per a study conducted by Aspiring Minds, on 1.5 lakh engineering students) .
  7. There are nearly 5500 Business Management Schools in India and according to a study conducted by ASSOCHAM again only 7 percent are employable.
  8. Wall Street Journal – the reputed and respected American business Journal says ‘ India graduates millions but few are fit to hire’.
  9. Economic Times reports ‘ 89 percent of Indian Hotel Management graduates unemployable’.       

Why is every top company  looking to employ a student coming from IIT or IIM? Why not those who are educated in other Universities and Colleges in India?

The answer to this question is that  other than the institutions mentioned above,  all other institutions are not really following the exact Indian education standards and systems.

Indian IIT’s are ranked at 300th  position in the world ranking of Universities. Then why can’t we choose the highier rank international Universities for qualtity and international recognised education.

What is right age to study in overseas educational institution?

This is a big question in the minds of many parents while deciding the career paths for their children. Many parents believe that one can settle in their life only after Post graduation which is wrong! Many parents also believe engineering professions will give a great career for their children which is always not correct!

Most of the in demand professions need only Bachelor Degree and which will give a career pathway from Graduation and not from Post Graduation. There are many medical courses which have very high demand in overseas countries which only need Diploma or Bachelor Degrees to get entry into these profession.

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