Choose the right course

Usually the methods given below  are used to map out our career. Choosing the right course is just a subset of the overall methodology of choosing the right career.

The starting point of choosing the right course is usually the middle step of career planning

Once we have matched our aptitude with in- demand areas, we are all set to go on to the next step i,e., identify the careers in demand:

Now how to identify the careers in demand?

  • Go through the skill gaps announced by Department of Employment / Planning / Skill Development.
  • Research the job posting trends
  • There are few agencies who release the Job statistics in different countries which help to identify skills in demand
  • There are job statistics and pay scale statistics websites which give us some understanding on the job trends and salary trends.
  • We need to observe the trend analysis based on the growth sector.
  • Then we must understand what are the skills or qualifications that are needed to get into these high demand jobs
  • What are the qualifications required to get that job?
  • What are the courses that will provide you with those qualifications?
  • Where these courses are taught?
  • What is their duration?
  • What is the fees?
  • What salaries  you can expect.?
  • What were the approximate number of job postings in the previous years?

For all this you can avail the help of professional career specialist in our office, who will give you valuable overview of international opportunities.

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