Australian Registered Migration Agent

MARA is an authority which is part of Department of Home Affaris of Australia which moniters and controls the activity of migration agents who are only authorised to give advice and support on visas to Australia.

New Zealand Registered Migration Agent

IAA is a Governament authority who monitor the activity of the migration agents who are providing NZ immigration advice to the clients across the world

Member of Migration Institute of Australia

MIA is an Association of Migration Agents who provide candid support for Migration Agents on critical cases

Member of Migration Alliance

MA is a Registered Migration Agents Organisation which provide training and support to the Agents across the world

About Future Overseas Education

Future Overseas Education (FOE) has assisted hundreds of prospective students to study in Australia, New Zealand  and Canada for nearly a decade. We have not only helped students to get admission but also helped them in choosing right career pathways which helped them in settling in respective countries after completion of their education.

FOE is driven by three strong people who have always tried to work hard to help students to achieve their career goals. They are Mohini Nooney, Sundara Rami Reddy and Dilip Kumar Nooney (Principal consultant). 

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Our Services

We are specialized in providing candid guidance for students to get settled in overseas destinations in their chosen career pathways. We are successfully seeing thousands of students choose right career pathways which are in high demand in developed destinations. Every country will have different skills in demand based on local industries and skill supply.


Scholarships have to be applied quite ahead of the admission deadlines, so need to understand when we need to start our admission process so that we get the eligibility for scholarships in different countries.

Guidance on University selection

We provide students with information regarding our wide range of universities and help them in selecting right university with right course. You can choose best university and courses for the best future.

Settlement Support after Education

We provide students with services after completion of courses, like applying for subsequent work visas and Permanent Residency applications, guidance on how to plan job search, planning for Apprentice work options which will help you to gain local experience.

Guidance on Career Planning

Guidance on Career Planning: We will help you to choose the right course which will suit your aptitude. We will help onto the right career path which will make your future secure and successful.

Guidance On Student and Dependent visas

These visas are very complex if you have gap in your career, so better use a Registered Agent who is expert in visa processing. Many countries do not encourage dependents to accompany the student for studies, so one need to be careful in providing proper reason for re-location of dependents and how his re-location will help the country.

Visa Processing/Documentation

We assist students in providing documentation for admission and have a unique checklist based on the requirement by the High Commission. We provide complete assistance in filling of the University application forms and the final visa application forms.

Latest News

News on immigration changes very often and one need to be update with the latest changes. If you are not update with the current changes, you may loose great opportunities in your life. So keep your self updated with the latest news covered bellow :

Study Tour

Study tour programs provide an unique opportunity for students to gain invaluable insight by studying in world’s top-rated colleges and universities. Groups of school students from around the world can experience international culture while studying alongside international students and staying in a host countries comfortable environment. With a strong emphasis on engaging and interacting with local students and the community, students have the opportunity to develop lasting international friendships and broaden their global perspective. Students benefit from a safe, caring and productive educational experience at school and throughout Tour. Staying with carefully selected host families from amongst the University community, students can experience the unique international lifestyle unique to that country. Programs are tailored to suit the specific needs and focus of each group and combine exciting educational, tourism and cultural exchange activities. Specialized study tour programs are designed to match the academic focus of the visiting group provide students with an unique opportunity to enrich their studies in a globalised context.


This particular program is designed for students of class 10 and above who would like to experience multiple cultures, have an enquiring mind, and aspire to become an international citizen.


  • Teaches  life values and not just classroom skills    ·      
  •  Encourages  a spirit of enquiry
  • Emphasizes on Learning through interactions with multiple cultures
  • Builds leadership  skills