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A suitable course can be defined as any course in which the student gains knowledge which he / she can then apply to secure their careers anywhere in the world. The Australian education system ensures this. Your career will get a tremendous boost with help of a two year post study work visa if you acquire a graduate or post graduate Australian degree. (Conditions apply).

It varies on the chosen course, duration of the course. It also varies on whether the education service provider is state owned or owned privately. Please find below the approximate tuition fee per annum. All figures are in Australian Dollars.
  • School : 7800 to 30000
  • Vocational Education & Training: 4000 to 22000
  • Undergraduate Bachelor Degree: 15000 to 33000
  • Post Graduate Masters Degree: 20000 to 37000
  • Doctoral Degree: 14000 to 37000
Please note that fees mentioned above are not applicable for high value courses in Medicine or Veterinary. Source: Australian government web site:
  • A student holding Student Visa – sub class 500, is allowed to work for 40 hours in a fortnight when the classes are in session and full time when classes are not in session.
  • Students pursuing Masters by Research or PhD students have unlimited work rights.
  • Student dependents are allowed to work for 40 hours in fortnight, however, dependents of students pursuing a Masters degree or above have full work rights.
  • Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world and students and their dependents can expect any where between Rs. 72,000 to 80,000 per month per worker.

All students who complete course(s), which are of two years or more, are eligible to apply for a two year Post Study Work Visa. This visa allows you to work in any field for two years. This can lead to Permanent Residency if you meet the requirements for a Permanent Residency Visa.

Our Director, Mr. Dilip Kumar Nooney is a Registered Migration Agent. It means that he is licensed by the Department of Home Affairs, Government of Australia, to offer immigration related advice for prospective migrants and students who either want to migrate to Australia or study in Australia. (

  • The Registered Migration Agent can explain available options and suggest a suitable one.
  • Help in preparing the documentation required to lodge a visa application.
  • Help the applicant a faster decision by lodging a well prepared application with correct documentation.
  • Registered Migration Agents are qualified to help applicants with their visa applications and can liaison with Department of Home Affairs (the Department) and other organizations for the applicants
  • We have tie ups with top universities and colleges in Australia with a proven track record of nearly a decade.
  • We also have our own office in Australia, which means that we can liaison better with the concerned authorities.

The immigration authorities typically require the applicant to demonstrate financial capabilities to fund minimum one year tuition fees and one year of living expense.
The current requirements are AUD 20290 for the student, AUD 7100 for spouse / partner and AUD 3040 for a non school going child.

We can help you to find a course in demand and which has a bright future by studying the fast economic trends and extrapolating the same in to the future. This is possible because of our experience.

  • 22000 Courses, 1100 Institutes.
  • 200 Million Australian $ Scholarship every year for International students.
  • ESOS Advantage – AQF safeguards your studies thru CRICOS.
  • 7 Universities in the top 100 in the world.
  • 3rd most popular destination for students in the world.
  • 250 Thousand alumni of Australian Universities making their mark around the world.
  • 15 Nobel Laureates from Australian Universities. Hub of the world for research and innovation. What do you think?

Australia offers a first world living experience. Top notch universities and a safe environment.

  • Peaceful and safe country with strict gun control laws.
  • Multicultural society – migrants from more than 100 countries.
  • Abundant personal freedom.
  • Egalitarian country.
  • Distance from the perennial hotspots of the world.
  • No or very little corruption.
  • High minimum wages.
  • Safe and politically stable.
  • Great sporting culture.
  • Climatic condition very similar to India.

Based on your eligibility, we will try to help you get scholarships, which can reduce your financial burden. We can also help you to get an education loan, based again on your eligibility.

If you apply through a Registered Migration Agent and if your documentation is genuine, the chances of getting a rejection are very low. However your individual circumstances are the top most influencer in the decision.

The cost can be reduced if you take an alternate pathway to an Australian degree. These pathways are also known as articulated study options. For example if you want to pursue Bachelor in Business Management from University of Southern Queensland (a three year course), then you will have to spend Rs. 34 lakhs as tuition fee. However if you do a Diploma in Business Administration from Pacific College (one year course, fee Rs. 5 lakhs), not only you can get admission in second year of Bachelor of Business Management of University of Southern Queensland (thus not losing one year) but also save around Rs. 6.3 lakhs in fee. There are many such options available.

No, you can bundle courses under the same visa. 

Bridging visas are temporary visas which allow people to legally reside in the Australian community while they are applying for a long term visa, appealing a decision relating to their visa, or making arrangements to leave Australia. 

This depends on your passport nationality, If you are required to complete one, you will be directed by immigration on the steps.

In order to receive a student visa, the visa office must be confident that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant, meaning you truly plan to be in Australia TEMPORARILY in order to and then RETURN HOME.

This will depend on the severity of the crime. You will have to disclose this in your student visa application.

Immigration expects that you will have sufficient funds to live and study in Australia. This amount is sufficient for your first year’s living expenses + fees for your first year of tuition + return airfare.

This amount can be shown by anyone you are close to. However, be prepared to explain the nature of the relationship if it is not your immediate family. 

This evidence can also be shown by one, or both, of your parents if they earned the equivalent of AUD 60,000 in the last financial year. This must be shown in the form of official government-issued tax statements.

Yes, you need to show at least a high school certificate, both the enrollment and the visa application. A scanned copy should be sufficient.

Decisions about refunds are discretionary, but they can also be mandatory. Department will consider your application for a refund, or must refund your money to you. It will read any supporting documentation. And then it will decide whether a refund is available to you.

This is why getting specialist help is so important. It’s not just about getting the application right. It’s also about making sure that your money works for you, and that you aren’t in a position where you have lost it later on.

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