Medical-related courses Skill in demand for Intermediate students

CourseDuration in MonthsFees / Annum AUDAwardAverage Salary PA in AUDAdditional Info
Anaesthesia Technology2418,000Diploma43000IELTS 6.0 (5.5)
Audiology4821900Bachelor of Speech Pathology92,000PTE: 57 (50)
Chiropractic3630,000Bachelor of Health Science / Bachelor of Chiropractic
2431000Masterof Chiropractic41k to 99 k
Medical Radiography4842,000Bachelor of Radiography & Medical Imaging (Hons)74405
1838,000Master of Magnetic Resonance Technology
Medical Lab Science4824000 – 24000Degree60577
Medical Lab Technician2437560Diploma57000
Medical Radiation Therapy4833000 – 27000Degree56000
4257 to 90 k
Medical Technology4828,600Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Health Systems) (Honours)78k to 184k
2422,200Master of Health Technology Innovation
Optometrist3635,800Bachelor of Vision Science70000
4226,600Bachelor of Vision Science / Master of Optometry84 k t0 129 k
Orthopicts4836,000Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Orthoptics53k to 90 k
2436,600Master of Orthoptics
orthosist / Prosthestists ( Medical Technology Course)4836000Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics50k to 90 k
2440,400Master of Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics
Nutrition & Dietics4831,200Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics57000IELTS : 7
6046,500Bachelor of Science and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics59k to 72 k
2430,400Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
Health Diagnostic & Promotion, Health Info Management3629,650Bachelor of Health Science – Health Promotion Major62k to 83 k
3625,400Bachelor of Public Health
2429,400Master of Public Health
Lab technician3627,680Bachelor of Health (Medical Laboratory Science)52k to 78 kIELTS : 6 (6), TOEFL : 75 (17)
Hospital Pharmacist4834,500Bachelor of Pharmacy67k t0 123 k
2449,000Master of Pharmacy88k onwards
Accupuncturist4835,470Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine55k to 88k
1829,360Master of Chinese Medicine
NaturopthOnly DistanceBachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Complementary Health Therapist6032,640Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine)
32,640Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine70k to 90 k
2430,270Master of Science (Complementary Medicine) – By Research
Dental Specialist6061,500Bachelor of Dental Surgery97k to 187k
Nurse3634,000Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-registration)42k to 72k
2427,136Bachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurses)
Cardiac Technician
Medical Lab Technician3627,680Bachelor of Health (Medical Laboratory Science)48k to 82k
Medical Technologist4828,400Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Health Systems) (Honours)44k to 88k
Dental technologist3631,500Bachelor of Dental Technology
4831,500Bachelor of Dental Technology/Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics53k to 72k
Medical Adminstrator
Medical Lab Scientist3627,680Bachelor of Health (Medical Laboratory Science)
4832,000Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Honours)48k to 82 k
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer4833,500Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging)50k to 100 k
3635,500Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiations)
Medical Radiation Therapist4836,000Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Radiation Therapy)54k to 100k
Bachelor of
Nuclear Medicine Technologist4830,865Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Nuclear Medicine)140k to 380k
Only Masters
Physiotherapist4827,680Bachelor of Sport and Exercise (Honours) (Clinical Exercise Physiology)50k to 89k
4830,950Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science and Rehabilitation)
4832,000Bachelor of Physiotherapy
4831,370Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation
Podiatrist4836,000Bachelor of Podiatry60k to 105k
Medical-related courses Skill in demand for Intermediate students

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