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Future Overseas Education in association with Education Queensland International (EQI) Australian government, presents short term group study tours for overseas students who wish to visit international colleges and campuses to enrich their educational and cultural experience. Study tour programs combine exciting educational, tourism and cultural exchange activities for overseas student groups visiting Australia / New Zealand educational academies.

Students have the opportunity to enhance their English language skills and academic capabilities, Self exposure to developed countries culture and life style by studying alongside their international student buddies in a Queensland classroom environment. By integrating into the World top university students have the opportunity to develop lasting international friendships.

Students benefit from a safe, caring and rich educational experience at school and throughout their stay in Study Tour. Staying with carefully selected hostages from within the University community, students can experience the unique Australian / New Zealand lifestyle.

Designed with flexibility and innovation, study tours to Queensland Government Collages are customized to meet diverse group needs. Programs can include a variety of interactive Cultural-based activities and educational excursions to provide distinctive life-long learning opportunities.

What are International Study Tours?

Study tour programs provide a unique opportunity for students to gain invaluable insight by studying in world’s top-rated colleges and universities. Groups of school students from around the world can experience international culture while studying alongside international students and staying in a host countries comfortable environment.

With a strong emphasis on engaging and interacting with local students and the community, students have the opportunity to develop lasting international friendships and broaden their global perspective.

Students benefit from a safe, caring and productive educational experience at school and throughout Tour. Staying with carefully selected host families from amongst the University community, students can experience the unique international lifestyle unique to that country.

Programs are tailored to suit the specific needs and focus of each group and combine exciting educational, tourism and cultural exchange activities. Specialized study tour programs of designed to match the academic focus of the visiting group provide students with a unique opportunity to enrich their studies in a globalized context.

  • Student integration: visiting students join buddies in regular classes and share hands-on activities with local students.
  • Study buddies: opportunity to develop lasting friendships with designated classroom buddies.
  • Host Camping: Host faculties  are carefully selected from within the authorized community by trained personnel.
  • Specialised lessons: innovative programs focused on science, leadership, sports, music and the arts can be arranged.
  • Excursions: educational and enriching tours to discover that particular country’s unique natural environment and world famous tourism activities.
  • Welcome and farewell functions: students are warmly welcomed and attend a celebratory farewell function with their new friends and buddies.1
Monday Arrival at Brisbane International Airport. Airport reception service and transfer to host location service. Integration into school program. Meet host camp facilities and begin cared stay experience (company arranged)
Tuesday Welcome ceremony and introduction. Integration into study program. Briefing on areas of interest.
Wednesday Visit Infographic Queensland National Park. Exploring the terrain walk and return to home stay.
Thursday Full day excursion to University campus with students. Discusson with school leaders and work shadowing.
Friday English lesson or half day excursion. Reflective discussion and fun activity.
Saturday Full day tour to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast beach and Time Zone. Team building fun activities and back to home stay.
Sunday Leisure time with host country buddies. Special cultural exchange program followed by dinner.

This particular program is designed for students of class 10 and above who would like to experience multiple cultures, have an enquiring mind, and aspire to become an international citizen.


Minimum 10 students and a maximum of 20 students per host school. Larger groups can be negotiated and may need to be hosted by more than one school/Collage.


An English-speaking escort must accompany each group at each host school to assist with supervision and student support.


Minimum 1 Week to a maximum of 14 days.

  • Teaches life values and not just classroom skills.
  • Encourages a spirit of inquiry.
  • Emphasizes on Learning through interactions with multiple cultures.
  • Builds leadership skills.
  • Builds life skills to acquire confidence, self-discipline social interaction skills.
  • To embrace diversity with an open mind.
  • Gain an international perspective which will help in the globalised world.
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