About Us

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this company is started in the year 2010 and has been providing overseas education career planning services to people in India and Australia. Mohini N is the Managing partner in India and Sunderamireddy Kotha is the Partner in Australia handling operations in two different countries. We are having close to 93.5% success in getting visas for Australia and NZ and are pioneers in this industry. The company is supported by a MARA agent Dilip Kumar Nooney as an external consultant and was instrumental in getting high success ration in getting visas to Australia.

Who We Are

For the past few years, we have been sending many students to various highly reputed Universities/ Colleges across Australia, and New Zealand. We believe that the number of students who want to study in foreign countries will be increasing every year. As professional educational consultants, we provide services such as Career counseling, Student academic assessment, Organizing awareness seminars, Admissions, Visa guidance, Pre departure orientation and survival tips for living and studying in the host country.

Our staff is well trained and well experienced with international student issues. With regular workshops, personal self-development and evaluation sessions on new training methods and technologies, policy changes, each of our staff member maintains their level of expertise in subject matter and brings added value to our services for students. They all understand the student’s needs and guide students in an ethical manner.

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